Residency D: Immersive Arts

A collaboration between ICST and the Immersive Arts Space at ZHdK

The Immersive Arts Space (IASpace) provides a platform for exploring the artistic potential of state-of-the-art technologies in movement analysis, virtual, augmented and mixed reality. IASpace combines skills and contributions from a multitude of creative practices present at ZHdK including film, computer music, dance, theater, interaction design, and game design. IA Space provides support and facilities for conducting research projects, realizing artistic productions, and providing educational activities.

Artificial Intimacy. A Project by SHIBUI Kollektiv, in Cooperation with ZHdK, Coventry University and Hochschule Offenburg (Foto: Marc Doradzillo, 2021)

This year’s call deals with creative strategies in generative music that explore subjective and computational notions of embodiment in relation to creativity. In the performing arts, in particular in dance, the human body serves as important resource for creative ideation. At the same time, digital technology employed in interactive media performances frequently treat the human body as an abstract stream of data.

This call invites artists to go beyond this dichotomy and investigate how subjective aspects of embodiment can be explored by sensing technology, computational abstractions and algorithmic processes. Specifically, the call looks for artistic proposals that combine motion capture with generative approaches in a manner that draws inspiration from bodily forms of subjectivity.

The invited artist(s) will be provided with access to and support in the use of the technical infrastructure of the IASpace. This includes a large-scale motion capture system, a multichannel surround audio system, and a spatial multi-projector system.

The residency is intended for artists who have experience in working with generative approaches and who ideally have some experience in working with body sensing technologies.
Candidates will submit a conceptual idea to be realized in the course of the residency. A selective portfolio will document an artistic practice in generative art.
Applications by teams (of two) are possible.

Irini Kalaitzidi, Resident at the IASpace in 2020 (Foto: Julien Mercier, 2021)

Course of the residency
The residency’s maximum duration is three weeks.

Demonstration and Event
The results will be presented and discussed within a presentation, demonstration or performance at the end of the residency. If there is mutual interest, efforts will be undertaken to make a public performance possible.

Residents will receive support from Daniel Bisig (ICST researcher in Generative Art) and Eric Larrieux (Immersive Arts Space). Also, basic technical and project-specific support will be provided during the residency.
Nevertheless, the ability to work autonomously in a complex technical environment is a prerequisite.